We provide you with assessments and advice on sources and channels of drug supply in countries where partners operate. In order to standardize quality assurance systems around the world, we are developing standardized procedures and tools for evaluating pharmaceutical sources and suppliers. Finally, we provide and familiarize partners with international standards such as pharmacopoeia, WHO technical reports, ICH guidelines, EU, PIC / s, etc …

Technical Assistance

We work on the compliance of your production processes to ensure that they comply with standards and specifications.

Our evaluations identify potential effects of technical changes on the quality on your products.

We can analyze critical situations or help you meet regulatory standards.


Development of quality assurance system

In order to guarantee your customers, suppliers, partners or shareholders your quality assurance, we intervene in order to set objectives to achieve and methods to achieve them.
The development of quality assurance can be done on your services or your products.
We also work with your suppliers or partners if you want to ensure their quality assurance.
Following our intervention, we give you the necessary tools to prove your quality assurance: quality system document, procedures, certifications, control results and quality audits.


Thus, we propose to develop a quality assurance policy that will ensure the quality of the medicines.


Review of products file

We evaluate and validate the information reviewed on the sources of medicines and their quality.
We put at your disposal the file reviews produced in our database so that this essential information for the development of quality assurance is accessible to the greatest number.
Each product file informs you of the quality assurance of the product, its production, analytical development and quality control.
Qualifying a product and its manufacture and ensuring good practices can verify the integration of quality to the product.


Our continuous evaluations on more and more products and their availability allow us to federate all the actors around the quality assurance.


Evalution of sources and suppliers

Sourcing from knowledgeable partners is essential to delivering stable and efficient medicines. For that we evaluate the different sources : manufacturers & distributors but also the products. We also evaluate good practices and ensure the storage and distribution of medicines. The objective is to ensure or not your supply and to make all our partners benefit our knowledge and our assessments of different stakeholders to guide you in your choices when you need a manufacturer, a distributor or just drugs. We hope to eventually offer you a label, the Quamed label to certify the compliance of sources with our expertise and assessments.


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