We are pleased to share with you the link to the first articles recently published on BMJ Global Health on ‘The social and ethical problems of poor quality and misuse of medical products’   (https://gh.bmj.com/content/6/Suppl_3/)

This issue includes a “hands-on” manuscript by Katherine Enright:

Elusive quality: the ethical challenges and dilemmas facing international non-governmental organizations in the procurement of quality-assured medical products (May 28, 2021)

 It also consists of three original research articles:

– Implementing Pharmaceutical Traceability Systems: A Realistic Review, by Joeke Kootstra, Tineke Kleinhout-Vliek
– Monitoring, Reporting and Regulating Drug Quality: Tensions between Theory and Practice in Tanzania, by Heather Hamill, Elizabeth David-Barrett, Joseph Rogathe Mwanga, Gerry Mshana, Kate Hampshire
– The Challenges of Maintaining Drug Quality While Aiming for Universal Health Coverage: A Qualitative Analysis of Indonesia, by Amalia Hasnida, Maarten Olivier Kok, Elizabeth Pisani

Please note that special issues are still open, so you can submit more contributions!

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