QUAMED has developed a sound methodology to assess and support the pharmaceutical quality systems of agencies and distributors.

Using that methodology we are working to develop a Quality Certification Program (QCP).  The objective of the QCP is to offer a recognized quality certification to pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers according to sound technical criteria and standards defined by the WHO.

It is our hope that such a recognized certification would reward commitment to meeting WHO standards, and contribute to positively shaping the market to favor quality medicines. Importantly, we anticipate that wholesalers and manufacturers benefiting from a formal QUAMED accreditation would be more likely to gain access to the tenders of quality-minded donor-funded programs and of quality-minded central medical stores.


The following organisations currently recognise the QUAMED GDP, MQAS and GMP audits that will form the basis of the QUAMED Quality Certification Programme. That means that if a QUAMED audit or certification is available, the organisation will accept the results of the QUAMED audit. They will not themselves organise an additional audit although on a case to case basis there may be exceptions.