We are happy to welcome Dr. Patrick Lukulay as a new member of QUAMED.

Patrick is a globally-recognized leader in the area of pharmaceutical QA. He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He is a public health professional and a pharmaceutical scientist with many years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked with Pfizer Inc. as a Senior Principal Scientist where he led teams to develop methods and specifications for the development of new drug candidates.

As a former director and vice president at United States Pharmacopeia, he led the USAID-funded Promoting the Quality of Medicines Program where he oversaw the growth of the program to build the capacity of regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies in developing countries including South East Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has recently founded Technology Solutions for Global Health (Tech4Health), in Ghana with the objective to increase the competitiveness of the African pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing quality-assured medicines. His greatest achievements include serving on the US National Academy of Medicine committee to assess the state of drug and regulation quality globally.

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