Podcast: [e-med] The role of the pharmacist around the world (RFI)
Duration: 50 minutes
By: Caroline Paré
Listen here

Around the world, the role of the pharmacist differs according to the continents. We take a look at three countries: the United States, France and Cameroon.
In the United States, Walmart, owner of a vast network of pharmacies, is under attack for its role in the opioid crisis. In the midst of a health crisis, French pharmacists are testing and vaccinating against Covid-19. In Africa, faced with the scourge of falsified medicines, particularly in Cameroon, how can the safety of products sold in pharmacies be guaranteed?

Alain Delgutte, President of the European Union Pharmaceutical Group and member of the National Council of Pharmacists

Anne Corpet, RFI correspondent in the United States

Émilienne Yissibi Pola, public health pharmacist, consultant in Harmonization of Pharmaceutical Policies and Regulations. Member of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists of Cameroon.

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