QUAMED conducts audits of suppliers (supply agencies, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers) with reference to the WHO’s good distribution practices and the MQAS – as well as local market assessments to help you orientate your purchases in terms of raw materials with reference to WHO’s good manufacturing practices.

Supplier audits

These audits are carried out using benchmarks such as Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Distribution Practices, or the Model Quality Assurance System for Procurement Agencies (MQAS). The audit results are presented in a standardized way to allow easy comparison between different potential suppliers and a graphical representation allows you to have a quick overview.


Evaluation of local markets

To enable you to orient your local purchases in a given country and to select the suppliers offering the best level of guarantees, we can realize on a local market a series of technical visits of the potential suppliers that you preselected or that we select together (producers, distributors, wholesalers, importers …). A report details the results of the evaluations and the recommendations. These recommendations are summarized in a table listing the preferred suppliers, the second choice, and the non-recommended suppliers based on the level of their distribution / manufacturing practices. For distributors, you will also find recommendations regarding the sources they offer. A graphical representation helps you to compare suppliers and guide you (performance in terms of distribution practices in the abscissa and quality of the sources proposed on the y-axis for each evaluated supplier). The results of these evaluations feed into the database.


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