QUAMED report on Ethiopia now available

The pharmaceutical sector in Ethiopia is a growing market (+15% each year) and the estimated value of the market in 2018 is of USD 684 Millions.
Production capacity being limited,the market is mainly dependent of importation and very fragmented with more than 600 importers/wholesalers in Addis Abeba.
The Ethiopian economic, monetary and financial situation results in shortage of some essential medicines.

QUAMED did a a local pharmaceutical market assessment (LMA) in Ethiopia and visited 14 distributors and 2 manufacturers. If you are interested in this, contact us at info@quamed.org.

This LMA was requested by Action Against Hunger (AAH) and Marie Stopes International and was financed by AAH through an ECHO grant.

Your QUAMED team!

* Report is available for all partners having access to the QUAMED database. We remind you that QUAMED reports are confidential and should be used for the sole benefit of your organisation. If you have not yet access to our database, ask for more info info@quamed.org.

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