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QUAMED supporte, développe, promeut les systèmes d'assurance qualité en conformité avec les standards internationaux de l'OMS, auprès des professionnels de la santé dans les LMICS

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WHO Falsified and contaminated Defibrotide

Medical Product Alert N°5/2020 UPDATE (of 1 July 2020) to Medical Product Alert n°5/2020  This alert relates to falsified DEFIBROTIDE 200MG VIALS OF 2.5ML (80MG/ML) CONCENTRATE FOR SOLUTION FOR INFUSION identified to date in Argentina, Australia, Latvia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. This product is sold under the brand name Defitelio. On 13 March 2020, the ...

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OFDA and the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance

Information for our members,  We have had some inquiries about the current status of OFDA (Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance). A few months ago, OFDA has merged with Food for Peace to form the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. We have contacted Daniel Forrister our contact person at the BHA. He provided us with the links ...

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Strengthen quality assurance systems

Quamed commits to all interested players involved in quality medicines access. Our goal is to help you improve your quality assurance system by giving you access to the tools and essential informations you need.

We believe that by sharing available resources we will be the most effective and have the best impact.
Quamed is thus based on information and resources sharing.

Working together, we can improve supplying practices of pharmaceutical products and will have a bigger effect on the market and on medicines’ quality.